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Golden Slumbers


A community engagement project with a significant difference; using dreams as the starting point of a creative process.

Golden Slumbers was created to connect local people to the development of the UK's first eco-homeless hostel in Liverpool.

Students from The Belvedere Academy worked with a local artist to generate ideas and think about the importance of having the hostel in the area and how the school, local residents and local businesses could welcome new families to the area.

Dreams were logged in ‘dream journals’ and used as a starting point to explore how they shape our daily thoughts. 

Discussions, photography tours and interviews ensued as the team explored local places made famous by the likes of Ringo Starr, Courtney Love, Robbie Fowler and entrepreneur Ethel Austin.

The final outcome from the project is a charming chalkboard animation called Silly Thoughts of Slumber, which pulls together all the research the students carried out as well as surreal elements of their dreams. 

Using the metaphor of a dream as a means of storytelling, the students developed dream-like narratives to link people together, transcending historical timeline accuracy and physical gravity. 

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