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EWI Guide

John McCall Architects

We were asked to promote the findings of a key research and best practice guide aimed at preventing the largely irreversible damage to Victorian and Edwardian homes caused by mismanaged external wall insulation [EWI]. 

Client John McCall Architects was asked to investigate the issue by the Liverpool City Region and produce a guide that would guard against town’s losing their character under a blanket of cladding.

By their very nature, EWI schemes provide a new façade and therefore appearance for properties. Yet not every local authority demands a planning application as long as it does not significantly alter the appearance of the building. 

This vagueness puts at risk the appearance of properties that have been thermally treated. 

We positioned John McCall Architects’ EWI guide in the architecture and housing media, with news stories and expert comment pieces produced for leading publications in each sector to raise awareness on a national level.

Our work highlighted how careful planning and experience could preserve original architectural aesthetics, pointing people to the practice for consultancy and positioning our client as an expert in eco-refurbishment.

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