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Comms management

JV North


- We manage all communications for JV North - a large social housing consortium that has nine full and 11 associate members.

- Collectively they manage over 114,500 homes across the North West and by 2021 will have invested £899m.

- JV North’s communications – internally and externally – lacked strategy and didn’t reflect the importance of consortium members that had a combined annual turnover exceeding £1bn.

- The brand needed to be more consistent across all areas of the business and the communications required a single point of contact given the number of members.

- It was crucial to demonstrate the consortium’s successes to the Homes and Communities Agency [HCA] in order to receive extra grant to build more homes in the 2015/18 and then 2016/21 Affordable Homes Programmes. 


- Service integration

- Communications audit

- Delivery plan

- Strategy workshop sessions at CEO level to identify JV North’s objectives

- Audience and media identification

- Key messaging set out for external and internal communications

- System created to secure regular input from all members

- Brand guidelines

- Brand identity

- Website management and content creation

- Press releases, op-eds and features

- Online content

- Brochures

- Briefing reports

- Email marketing

- Increase engagement with stakeholders and partner agencies

- Measurement, evaluation and ROI


- A new website with up-to-date content chronicling the consortium’s history established a key point of reference for the HCA and JV North members

- Consortium successes were promoted in all the leading housing, building and regeneration media

- Press releases, op-eds, photo-stories, features and insight pieces provided a sustained media presence in all the target media

- Regular email marketing promoted the consortium’s success to key stakeholders including the HCA

- Communications are strategic and managed ensuring consistent messages are conveyed to the target audience and the sign off process is simplified despite so many members involved.

- JV North received £34.8m from the HCA in 2015/18 [the second highest grant allocation in the UK] and £100m [the highest allocation in the UK] for the 2016/21 Affordable Homes Programme.

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