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Brand & communications

G&H Group


- We overhauled the G&H Group’s brand and communications.

- Previously, neither reflected its position as a business that was performing exceptionally well with turnover growing from £6m to £30m in just four years.

- We unified four divisions into the G&H Group, providing consistent branding, messaging and communications to demonstrate its capacity to deliver large-scale projects to future clients.

- Our external communications plan gave consistent exposure in the key media.


- Communications audit

- Business objectives researched with the Group Board

- Website production: design and build:

- Audience and media identification

- Brand guidelines

- Brand identity

- Editorial focus

- Press releases, Op-eds and features

- Website and social content

- Brochures

- Social media strategy

- Copywriting

- Photography directed

- Graphic design directed

- Corporate brand directed

- Direct mail campaign management

- Staff newsletters

- Naming

- Measurement, evaluation and ROI 


- The website was simplified as part of the business strategy to cross-sell and integrate services.

- Over 400 internal documents were redesigned and rebuilt – all optimised for use in-house and remotely across all devices.

- The editorial focuses on promoting all divisions within the Group and are aimed at the target audience with a consistent profile of news, op-eds and features achieved.

- Content creation included regular website news stories, LinkedIn updates and project case studies, the latter of which was redesigned to be concise and consistent. 

- Materials such as sales presenters, credentials documents and case studies are all kept up-to-date and printed and stored on-site.

- Brochures are now consistent in tone of voice, content, style, size, photography, material.

- Social media now focuses solely on LinkedIn.

- Emailer templates were designed so information can be issued at short notice to staff and customers

- Sample boards branded to showcase electrical options to clients

- Directed photography ensures style consistency and quality control.

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